Innovation and technology have long been the hallmarks of our business, and we are harnessing the power of big data analytics, supercomputing and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize efficiency and sustainability.

Keeping pace with rapid changes in the industry, our digital transformation strategy aims to drive disruptive and future-focused approach that combines innovative digital technologies, partnerships and a focus on capability building to enable sustainable business growth. Through digitalization, a strongly integrated value chain will lead to the creation of a single reliable source of accurate data for value creation and decision-making. In the long-term, digitalization will enable assets to be operated at consistently higher efficiency levels and create new hi-tech jobs of the future. We are seeing the development of a revolutionized business operating model and a high-performing and digitally savvy workforce, positioning ADNOC Gas as a leader in digitalization activities for the oil and gas sector.

With the goal of realizing this vision, we have already developed and deployed multiple cutting-edge digital solutions, including several that feature AI and machine learning. Through these data driven solutions and the insights they provide, we are optimizing processing and maintenance operations, enhancing efficiency, improving our sustainability performance and, ultimately, driving competitive advantage.

ADNOC Gas has also been collaborating with AIQ to develop leading digital technologies applicable in our business and more widely in the oil and gas industry.

Case Studies


Additive Manufacturing – 3D Printing

ADNOC Gas is utilizing additive manufacturing (3D-printing) at a number of sites to simplify logistics, reduce inventories of physical parts and optimize costs



Centralized Predictive Analytics Diagnostics (CPAD)

CPAD provides us with a powerful predictive maintenance platform to optimize operations and underpin asset integrity.



Integrated Real Time Optimizer iRTO

Integrated Real Time Optimizer (iRTO) is a multi-site technology optimizing natural gas liquid production yields in real time.