Integrated Gas Development Expansion Phase 2 (IGD-E2)

ADNOC Gas continues to invest to increase gas processing capacity and further integrate its onshore and offshore facilities. A key component of this program has been the Integrated Gas Development project and its subsequent extension phases. The latest phase, IGD-E2, is well advanced and is expected to come on stream in 2024.

IGD-E2 will enable the supply of an additional 370 mmscfd from Das Island to our onshore processing hub in Habshan, bringing the total gas export capacity to nearly 1.97 bscfd.

The project involves the construction of new gas facilities on Das Island including a new booster compression train, two feed gas compression and dehydration trains, and two amine-based fuel gas treatment units.

Work on our Integrated Gas Development program began in 2009, to enable the transfer of 1 bscfd of high-pressure gas from the offshore Umm Shaif field, via Das Island, to ADNOC Gas Processing’s onshore facilities at Habshan and Ruwais. The project was completed in 2013.

Subsequently, Phase 1 of the IGD expansion project (IGD-E1) was launched in 2015 and was completed in 2018, boosting ADNOC’s offshore gas processing capacity by 400 mmscfd to 1.4 bscfd. Phase I included the construction of a fourth gas dehydration unit and dry gas compression aftercooler on Das Island; gas pipelines, with a 117 km offshore segment and 114 km onshore segment; condensate pipelines; and modifications to the Habshan gas processing complex.