ADNOC Gas is strategically situated to serve international markets and has a reputation as a reliable and competitive supplier.

We sell our gas products under a variety of contractual arrangements, from the long-term contracts in place for our UAE gas consumers and our core international LNG customers, to shorter term arrangements and spot sales in a number of product categories. Our scale and rich gas feedstock allow us flexibility in our product mix to respond quickly to market demands.

In the international LNG market, we were industry pioneers. We have strong relationships that have continued since our initial market entry 45 years ago and have built a reputation as a reliable and customer-centric supplier. In recent years we have diversified our customer base, taking opportunities in new markets as they emerge. Most recently we have established ourselves in Europe, with the first landmark delivery of LNG to Germany.

We also export a range of other products including LPG, which is shipped to a variety of Asian markets, and sulfur sent to Morocco, India, China, Jordan and beyond.

Our location in the East-West trade corridor provides ready access and exposure to the fast-growing markets of Asia. We currently export to more than 20 countries and anticipate continuing our international growth as we expand our processing and export capacity, and demand for gas and gas products continues to rise.

Our Products

Natural gas

Primary gas produced after processing the raw feed gas. Mainly distributed as sales gas through our UAE pipeline network.


A light hydrocarbon liquid separated from the feed gas stream. Used in refineries as feedstock to produce LPG, diesel, naphtha and jet fuel.

LNG (liquified natural gas)

Super-cooled natural gas. Exported by ship and, after regasification, is utilized for power generation or fed into national gas networks.

LPG (liquified petroleum gas)

Consisting primarily of butane and propane produced by NGL fractionation. Used for residential and commercial heating, cooking fuel and petrochemical feedstock.

Paraffinic naphtha

A product of NGL fractionation. It is composed of pentane and slightly heavier material. Used as a petrochemical feedstock


A product of natural gas liquid (NGL) fractionation. Used as petrochemical feedstock for the production of polymers.


A by-product processed to produce granulated sulfur. Used as feedstock in manufacture of fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, and many everyday items.


Produced by cryogenic air separation. Used mainly for purging and blanketing applications in industry and as feedstock in a variety of chemicals processes, including production of ammonia for fertilizer manufacture and as a hydrogen fuel carrier.


Produced by cryogenic air separation. Used in a variety of industrial processes and medical facilities.

Xenon & Krypton

Produced by cryogenic air separation. Inert gas used primarily for a variety of lighting applications.