Case Study - Debottlenecking

Debottlenecking our facilities has expanded gas processing capacity, modernized our infrastructure and facilitated increased production in ADNOC’s Upstream business.

Recently at our gas processing plants in Habshan 5 and Buhasa, we completed two debottlenecking projects valued at around USD 400 million to enable an increase in gas processing capacity. With our ability to handle greater volumes of associated gas, this has enabled Upstream to increase oil production volumes.

Planning and design of a de-bottlenecking project involves extensive and detailed examination of the ecosystem of an entire gas facility to identify opportunities to upgrade and integrate equipment, systems and processes that together increase the overall system’s capacity and productivity.

The recent projects identified hundreds of opportunities, both large and small scale, to upgrade and modify our equipment and improve our operational processes. With the support of local contractors and works requiring around 5,000 tons of steel in construction, both projects were completed on time and with a combined 13.4 million safe manhours.