Industrial Gases


We are the UAE’s major supplier of industrial gases, primarily nitrogen and oxygen.

ADNOC Industrial Gas was established in 2007.  We supply nitrogen, oxygen and several other specialized gas products to a wide range of industrial and commercial customers across the UAE.

We operate two state-of-the-art facilities, located at Al Ruwais Industrial City and Mirfa, dedicated to the production of industrial gases. Between them they produce gaseous and liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and by-products that include krypton and xenon.

Nitrogen and oxygen are delivered to customers, including Linde and Borouge, for a range of industrial uses. We also supply medical-grade products that are vital to health facilities across the UAE.

Looking towards the energy transition, we are also exploring opportunities to supply nitrogen as a feedstock supporting the emerging hydrogen economy through the production of ammonia as a carrier more easily transported and stored than liquid or compressed hydrogen.
700230 m3/hr
Processing capacity
Key products –
nitrogen and oxygen
State of the art industrial gas plants