LNG Operations


Our liquefaction facilities supply LNG from gas produced in ADNOC’s offshore operations for export to utilities and industrial customers around the globe.

Our LNG facilities are located on Das Island, an oil and gas operations hub that also plays a major role in ADNOC’s upstream production operations.

ADNOC LNG was established in 1973 as the first LNG production company in the Arabian Gulf.

The Das Island facility is the third longest established LNG operation still in production globally, a testament to our focus on operational excellence and asset integrity. Since 1977, when operations began, we have delivered over 2,800 cargoes to customers around the world.

Our three LNG trains treat and super-cool natural gas, bringing its temperature down to below -160°C, liquefying it ready for loading on to a fleet of LNG tankers. It is shipped to customers around the globe who operate regasification facilities, turning the LNG back into gas that is used to generate power and supply end customers.
3rd rd
Longest continuously operating LNG
6 mtpa
Liquefaction capacity
- 160 °C
Supercooled LNG shipped round the globe

On Das Island, in addition to LNG, we produce liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), paraffinic naphtha and sulfur, both for export and transmission onshore to the Habshan Complex.

Our dedicated LNG liquefaction and export terminal facilities currently have a capacity of 6 mtpa. ADNOC has ambitions to significantly grow this capacity and its presence in the global LNG market.

Our LNG is being shipped to a growing range of international markets in Asia, Europe and beyond.