Investment Case

Investment Case
ADNOC Gas is a world-class, large-scale integrated gas processing company operating across the gas value chain, from receipt of raw gas feedstock from ADNOC through our large, long-life operations for gas processing and fractionation to the sale of our products to domestic and international customers.

Demand for natural gas, as the lowest emission hydrocarbon, is expected to continue to grow as the world looks to decarbonize its energy systems, putting us in a strong position to benefit from growing demand as well as significant investments being made in the energy sector by ADNOC and the UAE, including ADNOC’s announced $150bn group investment program for 2023 to 2027 (inclusive).
We are a world-class integrated gas processing Company that is vital to ADNOC and to the Abu Dhabi and UAE energy ecosystems.
60 %
We supply 60%
of the UAE’s sales gas needs
10 bn
We have access to
10 bn standard cubic feet
per day of gas processing capacity
Net 0
We are helping drive
towards ADNOC’s Net Zero
by 2050 emission ambition
$ 24.7 bn
ADNOC Gas Pro Forma
Adjusted Revenue for
FY 2022
Our Strategy

  • We are focused on increasing our production capacity to maximize output and benefit from the ADNOC Group’s 2030 integrated strategy, which includes increasing capacity of oil, gas and low carbon/renewable energy production as part of its accelerated growth strategy.
  • Due to our critical role in the UAE’s energy value chain, we expect to benefit from ADNOC’s plans to expand upstream production and accelerate growth of Abu Dhabi’s energy resources.
  • ADNOC and the UAE have made significant investments in the energy sector and expect to continue to do so, with ADNOC announcing in late 2022 its 5-year $150 billion group investment program, a major growth catalyst with numerous direct and indirect advantages for us.
  • ADNOC's sizable investment program aims to deliver transformative steps to make the lower carbon intensity energy that the world requires available today, while investing in the clean energies of tomorrow.

  • As the lowest emission hydrocarbon molecule, gas is a key fuel in the energy transition and its criticality for energy security is expected to drive high and growing demand for our products around the world.
  • We remain fully committed to the decarbonization of our operations and the UAE's and ADNOC’s sustainability goals through the implementation of several initiatives such as zero carbon grid power electrification projects and the implementation of carbon capture across sites.
  • Through our decarbonization roadmap, we are aiming to support ADNOC in fulfilling its 25% reduction target in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity by 2030 helping drive towards ADNOC’s net zero emission ambition by 2050.
  • Our GHG abatement plan has the potential to reduce the Company’s projected GHG emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to the projected 2030 unabated profile.
  • A large portion of our potential GHG reduction is expected to be achieved by way of carbon capture through the deployment of technologies that aim to leverage the UAE's natural geological advantage.
  • Our operations are fully aligned with the UAE’s ambitions, particularly around net zero, and the broader ADNOC Group, which has a well-developed and robust ESG framework across emissions, the local environment, economic and social contributions, workforce, HSE and overall governance.

  • Our growth strategy relies on upgrading and debottlenecking gas processing capacity and enhancing the growth of liquids recovery and liquefaction capacity, which is expected to result in an increase in the share of high-margin products output.
  • We have several gas processing projects at various stages of development, with potential to deliver over 2.8 bscfd of incremental gas processing capacity and approximately 6 mtpa of additional liquids production capacity (excluding Fujairah LNG) by 2028.