Health & Safety


We maintain an unwavering focus on health and safety and are continually striving to drive our first quartile performance towards our ultimate goal of ensuring “100% HSE” - keeping our employees, communities, the environment and assets safe from harm.

Every single employee is considered a safety leader. We integrate best-in-class HSE standards across our operations to ensure the health of our people, business and environment. We empower our people to address any unsafe moments, intervene and ensure everyone complies with our processes and procedures.

We operate a strategy of continuous improvement, building on our HSE Culture Transformation program that commenced in 2019 and is now focused on enhancing assurance levels, driving robust work management systems, further embedding our behavioral based safety program and focusing specific HSE campaigns on key HSE risks.

We are very proud of the 22% reduction in our recordable injury rate over the 2020-2022 period and our sustained position as a first quartile HSE performer as benchmarked against our peers by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP).

In addition to driving a strong shared HSE culture, we introduced a new process safety framework to underpin the excellent reliability record of our assets. Digital technology has also been widely implemented, driving more efficient data monitoring and analysis, as well as automating processes ensuring policy and procedural compliance.

We have also focused on initiatives to promote employee health. Our program includes development of a culture of care, specific health campaigns and the implementation of a fatigue and stress risk management program.

Should unexpected events occur, despite the rigorous systems we have in place, we have developed a robust response capability, including a sophisticated Central Command & Control Center, enabling us to manage such situations rapidly and effectively.